We provide customized strategic & business development consultation to help grow or further expand your business and executive management and development advice to help your talent and organizational development. For your specific consulting need, please contact us directly.

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Strategy & Business Development

  • Corporations: We provide value-based strategy and business development consulting and investment advisory for Western companies, especially European SMEs, entering or further growing in the Chinese market. 
  • Academic Institutions: Whether you are contemplating entering into the Chinese market or seeking to further grow your presence there, we are here to help you form up your China strategy and gain results. 
  • Social/Philanthropic Organizations: We have a keen interest in enterprises/projects for social development and sustainability purposes or philanthropic organizations aspiring to establish presence and make an impact in China.

Executive & Management Development

  • China Discovery Experiences: As the Chinese saying goes, "Reading ten thousand books, travel ten thousand of miles," the best way to understand China is to go there and see it with your own eyes. We work closely with program directors at business schools and consulting/training companies. Whether you are considering adding a China module or revamping your existing China related programs, we are here to help. Our innovative program development and flawless delivery will make your job hassle free and maximize the benefits of your learning journey in China. 
  • China-specific Programs/Intervention: We help you develop and deliver China-related programs/interventions based on your specific requirements. In addition, we are also co-creating China-specific programs with our partners. Stay tuned. Or send us an email and we will keep you posted.  
  • Professional/career development: Whether you are China novice or you have been to/in China for some time, but still haven't got a grip of how best to deal with major Chinese counterparts or handle certain situations, we are here to provide you with personalized guidance.