Everything we offer is designed just for you, and you only!

There are three levels of interaction that can be effective for your personal and business development process, depending on the degree of help and participation you desire from us. All of which (mentoring, coaching, or enhancing) include: 

  • Unlimited access by email or phone; 
  • Help available at both strategic and tactical (dealing with a specific situation) level; 
  • The process goes like this: 
    1. We reach a mutual decision as to whether the chosen program is right for you. 
    2. If it is, we begin with studying your current situation, expectations, and fundamental value propositions. 
    3. We then establish goals, agree upon frequency and style, and joint accountabilities. 
  • If for any reason you feel that the program may not be right for you, no worries. You will have your money back because of our 100% risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee (up to two sessions via email or call within 30 days of signing up with the program).
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Thank you ! Thank you !! Thank you !!!
I truly appreciate your patience and support. Now I will need all the mentoring I can get...
— Senior Program Manager, a South Africa-based multinational
Ann has excellent experience in business and strategy across industries. She has clearly been highly successful in conducting coaching in an organic way and doesn’t approach her coaching consulting in the usual conventional manner.
— Talent Director APAC, a global healthcare company
I would like to thank you for the referral your gave me to [xxx]. Conversation has progressed very nicely and i will be joining the workshop. I look forward to it, and i am very appreciative of what you did.
— Former President of Asia Pacific, an American multinational
I believe it did the best rated session of the program. It works well. ... Thanks for a great job.
— Program Director & Professor, a world leading business and management institution
It was good working with you, Ann and I have passed your details onto my colleague, [xxx] who may well be in contact with you re other work!!
— Client Director, a leading international business school based in Europe
Recommending [xxx] was an inspired choice.
— Program Director, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world