Chances are that you are fascinated by China and all things Chinese, you have genuine interests in understanding more of China, you are aspiring entrepreneur who want to grow or expand your business in China, you are business executive who is responsible for your China business or dealing with your Chinese counterparts, or you are young professional or student who just starting out a study or career in China or gaining more exposure. 

Chances also are that we may have met somewhere before, someone you trust mentioned us, or you simply stumbled upon one of our articles, profiles or book online. Whichever path you took, it is so nice to have you here.  

It has been an incredible adventure for us, from the east to the west, west to the east, and in-between. Finally we arrive here. 

This site is our online meeting space for minds. It is created with the vision to embrace the idea of internet, to reach out to more people, and most importantly, to help more people. 

Overtime, we will create and share incredible resources, tools and ideas that can help you gain better understanding of China, and its implications to your business, career and life. Or vice versa. 

Yes, we start with China. Because that's where our journey began and how we have come this far. 

Yet, we don't want to limit ourselves only to China. The thought and possibility of blending the best of east and west intrigues us. Together, we can start some beautiful things, a learning journey, an incredible adventure to another culture, and ultimately, the pursuit of happiness. 

Sounds like mission impossible? Come ride with us, and you will know.