How To Handle Business Negotiations And Establish A Stable Relationship With Your Chinese Partners?

Avoiding misunderstandings in verbal and nonverbal communication when negotiating ‘across cultures’ can be a challenge. In fact, foreign entrepreneurs are often concerned that mistakes in handling business negotiations in China could result in a loss of opportunities. In this webinar, Jinxuan (Ann) Zhang will provide you with an overview of how to gain your Chinese partner’s trust and handle conflict situations.

What Can You Learn From A Bittersweet Joint Venture Partnership In China?

Set up in 1996, the Wahaha-Danone joint venture (JV) partnership helped establish Wahaha as one of China’s best-known brands and became a major contributor to Danone’s fast-growing business in China. However, despite the success, in 2007 the companies were embroiled in legal battles and a bitter public feud over Danone’s attempt to gain a share of the non-JV Wahaha group companies. In Chapter 16 of the OWP Book 2008, “Riding the winds of global change”, (to be published in September 2008), Professor Stewart Hamilton and Research Associate Jinxuan (Ann) Zhang outline key lessons from the dispute.

How Best To Identify Local Business Partner And Negotiate For Making It Happen?

Q: When a Consumer Type Asia-based Tech Company is entering the US market remotely, what is the best way to identify local business partners and negotiate for making it happen?

Is Google the only approach to source potential business partners? I mean we don’t have any staff or rep in US to do ground work yet.

A: First and foremost, JUST DO IT.

Of course, there are different ways to approach it.