How To Market To Potential Customers?

Q: My Company is organizing an LPS (luxury property show), where we are going to market some of our best real estate products, but none of us were in the sales before. Any advice on how to do the event planning and attract fortune generations (富二代 is like rich family’s children)?

A: I’m not sure that you have the right questions here, even though there isn’t enough information on your company and the real estate products you are trying to market.

If I understood correctly, you are seeking advice on the following questions: (1) how to do event planning; (2) how to attract “fortune generations” (富二代, children of rich families). Yet, before rushing into finding answers to these questions, in my view, there are more essential questions that you should ask yourself first:

The #1 question you should ask yourself is: WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS/TARGETS? Or in other words, who are the true BUYERS of the products that you are trying to market? Are you sure that the “fortune generations” (富二代, children of rich families) are the buyers (or decision-makers)? Personally I’m not sure. Even so, they are only a small percentage of your potential targets.

Then depending on your answer to the above question, the next is to ask HOW TO REACH THEM? There are different ways of reaching your potential target customers/buyers. LPS is only one of them.

The question is also: Are you the organizer of a LPS show or are you merely an exhibitor trying to market your real estate products there? If it were the former, then the target groups are mainly visitors and exhibitors. My guess is that you were probably the latter, then it makes sense that you are also planning special events during the LPS targeting exclusively your VIP guests. The question then are: Who are they and how to reach them. With regard to the event planning part, if you don’t have any in-house expertise, you can always outsource it first, then learn from it.

I personally believe that it is always helpful to ask the right questions so that you don’t waste time addressing the wrong issues/problems. Generally speaking, it is worth asking yourself some basic questions first, such as WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW.