How To Handle Business Negotiations And Establish A Stable Relationship With Your Chinese Partners?

I'm sharing with you today an old piece that I worked with the EU SME Center in China. Some of the basic principles outlined there, I believe, are still highly relevant and applicable even today.  

Avoiding misunderstandings in verbal and nonverbal communication when negotiating ‘across cultures’ can be a challenge. In fact, foreign entrepreneurs are often concerned that mistakes in handling business negotiations in China could result in a loss of opportunities. In this webinar, Jinxuan (Ann) Zhang will provide you with an overview of how to gain your Chinese partner’s trust and handle conflict situations.

Specific topics will include

  • how to find a business partner and verify her/his trustworthiness;

  • tips on how the gain a Chinese partner’s trust, manage expectations and avoid misunderstandings;

  • how the maintain a business relationship and handle conflict situations;

  • the role of public authorities in business;

  • language issues and cultural differences to be aware of.

EU SME Center Webinar: How to handle business negotiations and establish a stable relationship with your Chinese partners?