How To Deal With The Gift And Hospitality Challenges And "Hidden" Rules In China?

For many foreign corporations, developing the Chinese market has become a top
priority. Although the situation has shown signs of improvement, foreign corporations
and executives still face a dilemma when doing business with China: how to deal
with the gift and hospitality challenges and, at times, the customs of unspoken or
“hidden” rules?

What Can You Learn From A Bittersweet Joint Venture Partnership In China?

Set up in 1996, the Wahaha-Danone joint venture (JV) partnership helped establish Wahaha as one of China’s best-known brands and became a major contributor to Danone’s fast-growing business in China. However, despite the success, in 2007 the companies were embroiled in legal battles and a bitter public feud over Danone’s attempt to gain a share of the non-JV Wahaha group companies. In Chapter 16 of the OWP Book 2008, “Riding the winds of global change”, (to be published in September 2008), Professor Stewart Hamilton and Research Associate Jinxuan (Ann) Zhang outline key lessons from the dispute.

A Bite Of China: Showcasing Chinese Cuisine At A French Restaurant In The Swiss Alps

A Bite Of China: Showcasing Chinese Cuisine At A French Restaurant In The Swiss Alps

The initial plan for showcasing Chinese cuisine on Sunday, June 26th at a French restaurant in the Swiss Alps, was a "Menu Surprise." That was, spontaneous cooking by me, the master chef of the day. It changed at the last minute though due to the high demand of handmade Chinese dumplings.

Well, not a surprise, it's almost the most famous Chinese food for laowai (foreigners).

The challenge, however, 

How To Train Your Muscle Of Understanding By Taking Culture Out Of The Inequation

A senior executive from a global medical device company asked me recently what was the real reason that his organization had no clue what's going on in their China organization. "Is it trust," he asked, "or is it culture?"

'Miscommunication' or 'lack of communication,' between the headquarters of multinational companies and their subsidiaries, is common, even for the most successful organizations. It is especially the case in the Chinese context.