A Bite Of China: Showcasing Chinese Cuisine At A French Restaurant In The Swiss Alps

The initial plan for showcasing Chinese cuisine on Sunday, June 26th at a French restaurant in the Swiss Alps, was a "Menu Surprise." That was, spontaneous cooking by me, the "chef" of the day. It changed at the last minute though due to the high demand of handmade Chinese dumplings.

Well, not a surprise, it's almost the most favorable Chinese food for laowai (foreigners).

The challenge, however, was not to make the dumplings. The challenge was that I did not have the most important tool to make them - a proper rolling pin (the western rolling pin is much wider and bigger than the Chinese one and does not have the right curve).

Yet, creativity sets in. Guess what I used instead? Yes, wine bottle it is (as shown in picture 4). 

True spirit of a cultural ambassador, isn't it?

That's essentially the birth of a new cultural experience that you can have, without having to be in China. Better yet, you will be able to not only taste, but also learn how to make genuine Chinese food you like. 

Like the idea? Please let us know. 

Questions: Do you like Chinese dumplings? What's your favorite Chinese food? Would you be interested in a similar cultural experience without having to be in China? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment below.