Now is the time to engage China and all things Chinese. Go there if you can, or if you’ve already climbed the Great Wall, go back again to see the great changes.
— Jim Rogers

The question is HOW.

For many, China is a difficult country to understand, even for Chinese. Needless to say, it is important to understand the historical context to be able to understand the modern China. Yet, you don't have to learn the 5,000 years of history to understand the China today. Because we got your back. We are your guide on the side and we will handhold you every step along the way of your China adventure. 


about RUI

We provide independent strategic and educational consulting and advisory services to enhance and facilitate a better understanding of the ever-changing China and its implications to your businesses and career. 

We are here to help you turn your China aspirations into your own insights, actions and results, whatever they may be. 

We work with organizations and executives who want to enter into or further grow their businesses or careers in China. Translation?

We are here to help you succeed in China. 


Our Philosophy

We believe understanding-by-experiencing, learning-by-doing and receiving-by-giving. 

Our approach is unique in the sense that, through our extensive network of experts from all walks of life in China, we provide you with individualized guidance for your unique situation. 

We help you see China through your own lenses, understand China by experiencing it, and at the same time, embark on a journey that will not only enrich your own life, but also the lives of many others. 


Ann has excellent experience in business and strategy across industries. She has clearly been highly successful in conducting coaching in an organic way and doesn’t approach her coaching consulting in the usual conventional manner.
— Talent Director APAC, a global healthcare company


JINXUAN (ANN) ZHANG, is co-author of “Doing Business with China: Avoiding the Pitfalls” (Palgrave Macmillan 2012). She is an experienced business developer, manager and consultant with 20+ years of experience spanning executive education, consumer goods, infrastructure and banking industries in China and Europe. She is a consultant and guest speaker at top international business schools and trainer for global corporationsShe was entrusted as a short-term senior expert for the EU SME Centre and served as expert for the China Foundation Center.

Passionate about lifelong learning and building learning organizations, her consulting, researching, teaching and writing activities are focused on China/Asia, especially on challenges faced by Western companies/organizations entering or seeking to grow in China and Chinese companies expanding overseas, with special interests in enterprises/projects for social development and sustainability purposes. She has constantly consulted/coached, as part of her assignments, senior executives, entrepreneurs and EMBAs/MBAs alike, on how best to deal with changes, manage transitions and make improvements.

She holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Wuhan University in China and a MBA degree from IMD in Switzerland. 


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