Aspiring for a successful career and business

in and/or with China?


  • Ever feeling lost in translation because you don't speak or read Chinese? Never again!!! 
  • Do you have to go halfway around the world, just to come to full circle?  No, you don't!!!
  • Wasting valuable time, money and resources while building your business in and/or with China? No more!!! 


That's where I come in. 

I help the often lost, frustrated, insecure and overwhelmed China newbies or experienced like you, shorten your learning curve, overcome your frustration, mitigate your risks and optimize your valuable time, money and other resources. All through the grip of the Chinese negotiation. 

In short, I've got your back. 



a little bit about me...

  • Born in Shanghai, China, I've spent most of my childhood in my hometown - Wuhan - the most ancient and civilized metropolitan cities located in central China. My favorite memory from the childhood has been traveling by cruise ships along the Yangzi River (between Wuhan and Shanghai) during the school holidays. That's perhaps where the spirit of exploration and discovery kicked in.
  • I have traveled extensively in China and have lived (studied or worked) in three major Chinese cities, i.e. Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. Hence, I have extensive exposure to different Chinese cultures (e.g. coastal vs. inland, north vs. south). That's right, China is a VAST country with great complexities. Yes, Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue and I also speak fluently two other Chinese dialects (Wuhanese and Shanghainese). 
  • Currently, I'm a Chinese residing in both Switzerland and China. How did I end up in Switzerland then, you may ask? I came to Switzerland in 2002 to pursue my MBA studies. Hence, my life path has been diverted ever since. 
  • My intercultural exposure rests in the fact that not only I'v been living in both China and Europe, but also I've been working mainly with "FOREIGN" companies both in China and in Europe. During my 20+ professional career, I've worked for and/or with companies from Chinese to Japanese, American and European, from startups to multinationals, from business to academia. 
  • Yes, I'm both a business practitioner and an educator. I've written a book on China and dedicated myself to helping western executives and entrepreneurs fostering a better understanding of the ever-changing China. 

professional bio

JINXUAN (ANN) ZHANG, Director of The Rui Group, is co-author of "Doing Business with China: Avoiding the Pitfalls" (Palgrave Macmillan 2012). She is an experienced business developer, manager and consultant with 20+ years of experience spanning executive education, consumer goods, infrastructure and banking industries in China and Europe. She is a consultant and guest speaker at top international business schools and trainer for global corporationsShe was entrusted as a short-term senior expert for the EU SME Centre and served as expert for the China Foundation Center.

Passionate about lifelong learning and building learning organizations, her consulting, researching, teaching and writing activities are focused on China/Asia, especially on challenges faced by Western companies/organizations entering or seeking to grow in China and Chinese companies expanding overseas, with special interests in enterprises/projects for social development and sustainability purposes. She has constantly consulted/coached, as part of her assignments, senior executives, entrepreneurs and EMBAs/MBAs alike, on how best to deal with changes, manage transitions and make improvements.

She holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Wuhan University in China and a MBA degree from IMD in Switzerland.